Book Review: Single Girl's To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk

I am a big fan of Lindsey Kelk. She has written only a few books so far, but I have enjoyed them immensely and so when I saw her newest one available for download on Amazon for £2.99, I bought it straight away. Lindsey Kelk’s other novels so far have all been from the ‘I Heart . . .’ series, which up to now include ‘I Heart New York’, ‘I Heart Vegas’, ‘I Heart Hollywood’ and ‘I Heart Paris’. This one however is not from the same series; Kelk has branched out a bit, although admittedly not too far. ‘Single Girl’s To-Do List’ is a fun and easy read that will no doubt cheer you up.

The story is centred around Rachel Summers, who is a twenty-something girl who loves to write a list. I totally related to Rachel straight away because I love to write a list, albeit not as obsessively as she does, but it is one of the many things that made me warm to her. The story begins with Rachel happily living with her long term boyfriend in a cosy flat in London, paid for by her enviable job as a make-up artist to the stars. As is usually the case with this kind of story, this lifestyle quickly unravels when her boyfriend announces one day that he no longer loves her and their lifestyle and he leaves. However, unlike the norm for this kind of story, Rachel doesn’t run weep relentlessly into her pillow or find her real self in a little obscure little village in the middle of nowhere. What actually happens is her two best friends write her a new list, and so comes ‘The Single Girl’s To-Do List’ . . .

I loved the slight twist to the girl falls in love, girl has her heart trodden on, girl gets revenge story that this book gave. It is a subtle difference to the norm, but it did feel quite original when I was reading it. The idea of the list gave lots of scope for Rachel to do all the things that you’d love to do, like just take a flight to a random city, hook up with someone that you let go by a long time ago or do a bungee jump. OK so that last one might be your idea of hell just like me, but it’s the idea of doing something totally out of your comfort zone and rewarding that this book really taps into.

The list is written by Rachel’s best friends; Emilie and Matthew. Emilie is a French Canadian stunner who loves a good time and has never had a long term boyfriend by choice and Matthew is the gay best friend that looks after you and all the girls want to be friends with. Lindsey Kelk really knows how to write likeable characters and particularly supporting characters. She always writes strong and fun supporting characters who help make the story so readable. She has done it again here because before they even write the list you know that they are going to make it extravagant and that they are going to make her stick to it. The way they are written means that it is totally believable that they have the contacts to travel the world on a whim and the cheek to contact someone’s schoolmate on Facebook without that someone knowing.  If you are a fan of the ‘I Heart . . .’ books, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the best supporting characters from that series makes a cameo appearance in this book too!

The book is available on Amazon in a few different formats. Like I said, the Kindle version is £2.99. The paperback version is available brand new for £4.50 and used from 33p plus postage. There is also an unabridged audio version available for £10.49. Whichever way you purchase it, I am sure you will enjoy it and so it’ll definitely be worth it!

I was a bit worried about whether Kelk would be able to move away from her series successfully, but she totally managed and I loved this book as much as I did the others. I would absolutely recommend it because it is a fun read that you will be disappointed to reach the end of.


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