Book Review - The Swimsuit by James Patterson

Tagged as his ‘most shocking and seductive story yet’ Swimsuit is the latest stand alone book from the ‘world’s best thriller writer’ James Patterson. Co-written by Maxine Paetro (who also co-wrote many of the books in Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series) Swimsuit is a story that combines breathtaking beauty with untold horrors.

Kim McDaniels is one of the world’s most beautiful supermodels and she as the top of her game, that is until a psychopathic killer abducts her from her latest shoot at the most glamorous hotel in Hawaii. A terrifying phone call to her parents begins the hunt her and cop turned reporter Ben Hawkins is assigned the story. Unable to let his past go and faced with severe ineptitude on the part of the local police force, Ben begins his own investigation into what quickly turns from a missing person case to a murder inquiry. Ben soon becomes completely and utterly involved in the case and is confronted by a psychopathic killer who has no morals and takes great pride in setting the stage for his next killing.

Book Review - 8th Confession by James Patterson

8th confession is the eighth book in James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series. The series features a group of women who are successful in a man’s world and who have formed a close bond in the most difficult of circumstances. The main character is Lindsay Boxer, a detective in the San Francisco Police Department and her best friends are: Claire Washburn, the city’s chief medical examiner; Cindy Thomas, hot reporter for the city’s newspaper; and Yuki Castellano, a state prosecutor.

8th Confession sees the club pitted against a brutal killer who is stalking the rich and famous. Lindsay is under pressure because the SFPD is bottom of the league for unsolved murders and the newest victims are all high profile people with families that have plenty of clout in the city. Aside from this, reporter Cindy stumbles across a less high profile, but arguably more interesting case when the local homeless hero Jesus Bagman is found brutally executed. Both of the women need their friends to help them solve these equally disturbing cases, but can they pull together at the crucial moment or are their own personal agendas going to tear the group apart?

I couldn’t put this book down. It is James Patterson at his page turning, edge of your seat best. That is not to say the book was perfect, because there were a few things that I found irritating about the book, but none of these things was big enough to hamper my overall enjoyment of the story.

Challenge Updates

Since my last post, I've read:

JK Rowling - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (excellent, but goes without saying!)
James Patterson - Swimsuit (good read)
James Patterson - 8th Confession (I couldn't put it down)

These books bring my challenge progress up to:

15 books for the 100+ Reading Challenge hosted by Home Girl's Book Blog
5 books for the Thriller Challenge hosted by Book Chick City
3 books for the James Patterson Challenge hosted by Socrates' Book Reviews

Why not come and join the fun!!

James Patterson Challenge

I'm a such a big fan of James Patterson's books, so I was delighted when I stumbled across this challenge this morning, hosted by Socrates Book Reviews. The challenge is simple - read ten James Patterson books this year. The year actually started on August 15th, so I'm starting a little late - but since I got three James Patterson books for my birthday, I think I should be able to manage it! If you want to join in the fun, just click the link above to sign up! Happy reading!

My Progress:

1. The Murder of King Tut
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