Hi guys!

I know how much everyone loves a competition and although it's not book related, I have a great one for you to enter here. You can win this fabulous pair of earrings just by entering Moon-Jewellery's simple competition.

Moon-Jewellery is my family's fantastic new venture and is a great place to buy (and win!) stunning hand made jewellery, including earrings and charm bracelets, for great prices.

All of their pieces are made from quality semi precious stones and make ideal gifts.

I know this is turning into a bit of an advert, but I'm very excited and I think you'll agree that there are some great items available!

Don't worry - I'll be back to reviewing books soon, but I didn't want you to miss out on this opportunity, so don't forget to enter!

Book Review - Blind Fury by Lynda La Plante

Blind Fury is the latest bestseller from queen of the thriller Lynda La Plante. La Plante is probably most famous for her various books that have been adapted into highly successful television series, including Prime Suspect and Trial and Retribution. Blind Fury is the next instalment in the series featuring Anna Travis, a police detective who is to English thriller writing, what James Patterson’s Alex Cross is to American thriller writing.

This time Anna Travis is enlisted to uncover the mystery of a young woman who is found brutally murdered and dumped at the perimeter of a motorway service station. In trying to discover the identity of the woman, they hit a series of brick walls that leads to high tension, frustration and, most disturbingly, more bodies. Just when the case looks like it might be becoming cold, Anna gets a message from a former nemesis; Cameron Welsh. Anna helped put Welsh behind bars, but now he insists that he can help and he will only speak to her. Much as she wants nothing to do with Welsh, Anna must put her feelings to one side in order to solve a murder, but it soon emerges that Welsh’s help comes at a high price.
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