Book Review - Petite Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson

Catherine Sanderson is a thirty-something Brit who fell in love with France whilst she was at school and moved to Paris more than ten years ago. In July 2004, she discovered the world of blogging on the internet and her pseudonym Petite Anglaise was born. She wrote about her own daily trials and tribulations on her blog and it soon became a massive internet hit, with thousands of regular readers and rave reviews in the national newspapers.
Petite Anglaise the book was published in hard back in 2008, although it is the paperback edition (published by Penguin Books in February 2009) that I'm reviewing he
 re. The book is ultimately a summarisation of Petite Anglaise's blog so far and, as such, is Catherine Sanderson's true story.

Book Review - One Red Paperclip by Kyle Macdonald

Travel and reading are my passions, so books like this are a winner every time with me. This is a fascinating story about a man who is on the verge of losing his home and girlfriend, when he decides to trade from 'One Red Paperclip' to a house, in a year, based on a game he attempted to play when he was a child. He travels around Canada and America, making trades and quickly becomes famous in the meantime. The game is called 'bigger and better' and you basically take one item (in this case the red paperclip) and contiually trade it up for something bigger and better.
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